Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FX Parameter Modulation with LFOs in Reaper

In this tutorial, we examine FX parameter modulation using LFOs, new to Reaper 2.4 and greater. We'll use this concept to add some vibrato to a recording of an acoustic guitar.


Paul Gannaway said...

much thankage for this video - helped me understand how to get things working in no time at all.

Empty Planet said...

I just discovered your blog.

Thank you so much!!

The quality of your presentation is truly outstanding. I'm quite sure I'm not alone in appreciating the effort you put into these.

Thanks again!


Kay Dubberke said...

Great Stuff !!!!thx.

Reaper is family...

HavocS said...

Nice tutorial - just a note: even though you're bending the string both directions its pitch can only change upwards so the realistic would be "positive". "Negative" setting could be achieved with standard whammy bars and "center" with floating bridges.

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